Job Description

The Ripe Choice Catering company is focused on personal, customized and client driven catering experiences. With a strong catering foundation, store front, and lead by Chef Tammy Lipps the Ripe Choice catering team were looking for opportunities to expand their reach and more importantly, grow their business. Expansion of the business will allow Tammy to consider other opportunities such as writing a cookbook, opening her own catering kitchen separate from the store front location, and possibly even staring in her own cooking show ill take business growth and development. But before all of the above can become a possibility we had to help them generate greater catering business.


Our overall goal is to develop strong brand fundamental that would effect sales growth and branding awareness in 2014. We are recommending that all marketing efforts focus on the areas that effect emotional engagement for there audiences: ‘Quality’, ‘Service’, and ‘Local Flair’ foremost. Second, we will start to build Tammy’s personal brand for future promotions and continued growth of the overall brand.


With the big picture in place, “catering business growth”, Adroit has developed a detailed marketing plan to effectively develop new business within our target marketing and geographical areas. Our Objectives are to:

  • Create strong brand awareness campaigns and materials focused on ROI
  • Increase word-of-mouth marketing efforts
  • Grow your lead generation
  • Attract larger events like your Oktoberfest event