Reaching Your Potential (RYP) – Adroit’s Signature Workshop

RYP is a very high-energy, hands-on, and customized Workshop in regards to your business. Even though you would be working in a group setting, all decisions made and plans laid-out during this Workshop, will relate directly to increasing efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

Through this Workshop, you will go through various elements needed to realize the potential to grow your business. Starting with answering some difficult questions, such as: “Why do you exist?” and “Where would you like to be in a predetermined time?”, we will take a deep dive into your branding, your marketing and sales strategies, including what resources, human and financial, you would require to reach your potential.

This Workshop is geared towards organizations from Start-ups to an annual revenue of $2 million.


Key Take Aways From Workshop:

  1. Clarity on your overall Business Strategy, including defining your reason to exist (Vision) and goals to achieve within stipulated time (Mission).
  2. Understanding how Branding effects your business and the Branding Strategies you can deploy in your small business.
  3. Understanding Marketing and Sales Strategies that relate to your business growth.
  4. Managing Cash Flow effectively and awareness of Taxation Credits.
  5. A comprehensive Action Plan to execute on your own in the next 90 days to take your business to the next level.
  6. And much much more…..
Date/Time Event
9:00 am - 11:30 am
Workshop - RYP - Orange County
Adroit’s Offices, Laguna Hills CA