Adroit Corporate Training Programs

The corporate training programs at Adroit are designed keeping both employees and employers in mind. Our training programs are custom tailored to each corporate environment and have resulted in greater learning and adoption of behaviors they are designed to accomplish. Below are some of the corporate training programs that are offered.

Increasing Your Value – Personal Branding

Description: Have you ever thought of why some people in your service category charge twice or thrice the amount of money than what you charge? Even they are not as qualified as you are. Have you ever taken a stock of your behaviors and beliefs about yourself and your business? This value-packed workshop is just to do that. During this workshop, transformational business strategist, Kashif Zubair, MBA, will take you through your personal journey of life and help you identify the behaviors, good or bad, you demonstrate now in your workplace and help you brand yourself, so not only you become a valuable resource to others, but also be able to increase your bottom-line. By the end of this workshop, you will have a checklist to work on, so you become a individual, who is always evolving to become the best You. Through this transformation, your clients will start seeing you as an asset and you convert from a project based adviser/consultant to a retainer based professional.

Audience: Attorneys, accountants, financial advisers, business consultants, etc.

The Organized Executive

Description: When was the last time you tuned-up your personal management style to become more productive, effective, and efficient? This workshop introduces you to the tips, tools, and techniques. With short attention span we carry and hundreds of events looking for our attention, it is very easy to constantly get interrupted, disrupted and distracted resulting in a lot of important, yet non-urgent priorities to be put off or postponed. This workshop will go through the most important elements of your week and how to make sure that you have a balanced work week. Very practical techniques are offered covering methods of managing time, information, meetings, email, business planning, and all situations that come as ‘stuff’ in our daily lives. During this workshop each participant makes a commitment to make or break a habit in the next 21 days.

Audience: Solopreneurs, attorneys, accountants, financial advisers, etc.

Exit Planning – What Makes Businesses More Valuable And Transferable

Description: All owners have to leave their business. Whether it is a financial success or failure depends on how the planning is done. This workshop led by transformational business strategist, Kashif Zubair, MBA takes you from various elements of increasing the overall business value and designed to help a business owner:

  • Transform from an Operator to Chief Value Builder.
  • Learn five key factors of exit planning strategy.
  • Do key employee retention planning.
  • Prepare for business continuity.
  • Go through planning strategy checklist.
  • Audience: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Exit Planning Consultants.

    Getting A Grip On Your Business

    Description: With ever-changing business environment, getting a grip of your business is a dream of every business owner. As many business owners have discovered, the key to exponential growth, increased profits, more customers, and less hassles is ‘grit’. Finding it within you and attracting other people carrying same values, either in your team or in your customer base, is the key and can only be achieved starting with self-soul searching. Take your business to the next level by implementing the strategies discussed in this value-packed workshop conducted by transformational business strategist, Kashif Zubair, MBA. Kashif will help participants learn to implement simple methodologies that have long-lasting impact in managing day-to-day business and changes the way business is operated.

    Audience: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners

    Employee Engagement

    Description: Have you created a culture of success? Have you figured out a formula to improve effectiveness and efficiency in your work environment? Is your business people driven? Do you know how to manage millennials? Find answers to all of these questions and many more to decode the engagement challenge. Generally, only 26% employees are engaged. Make sure your business is not one of those organizations. Apply proven techniques to employee engagement to radically improve your EBITDA.

    Audience: HR Managers/Directors, CEOs/Presidents.