Leadership development is a choice. During the past 18 years of my career, I have come across many executives from a startup company to Fortune 500 that I was able to observe. No matter what path they took within their organization, they were, for the most part, responsible for their own development.

It is widely accepted that leaders are made and not necessarily born with leadership traits. They are made through continuous training and development programs within their respective organizations. One trait that is usually common within all leaders is that they never say no, when they are asked to jump into a situation to find a solution.

People who are successful as leaders, often are aware of their surroundings, their strengths and weaknesses to embark upon the opportunities that fall in their way. In the life of a leader, a person moves from resolving one issue to another; some are effective and some fail.

When I started Adroit back in 2008, one of the areas that I focused on was leadership development. I went through various approaches and ended up developing a holistic approach towards leadership development for my clients. With the implementation of holistic leadership development approach, I analyzed an individual as a whole, rather than evaluating just the business side of that individual. I effectively engaged business executives and able to transform their lives, both professionally and personally, as I was able to see through who they were.


10 Key Questions

During coaching sessions, generally, I asked them the following 10 questions that no one might have asked them in a business setting, as the areas covered within these questions effect highly on the productivity of any executive:

  1. Are you happy with your spouse, and generally speaking, never argue with each other?
  2. Do you have a good friendly relationship with your children that they love you as much as you love them?
  3. Do you have family relatives that you hang-out with?
  4. Do you have at least five friends that you can open your heart to?
  5. Do you see your creator as a loving creator?
  6. Do you forgive often?
  7. Do you work to live?
  8. Are you proud of yourself?
  9. Are you ready to die and face your creator?
  10. On a scale of 1-10, are you above 8 in being internally happy?
If any of the answers to these questions I get is in a negative, I suggest them to get on an exploration journey of what they should change in their lives to achieve full potential of their strengths. Most of them, after going through this exercise, are able to overcome the shortcomings in their lives and set themselves to a successful career path, as the change they are trying to bring starts from within.